Spring Back to Gardening with Noteworthy 

The snow has melted, the sun is getting warmer, and the garden is ready to bloom. Whether you are an infamous black thumb, a seasoned gardener, or you have had dreams of gardening glory but don’t know where to start, spring gardening is a wonderful way to get outside after the hibernation of winter!

Ready to get your hands dirty? To make the most of the pre-season, we have put together some easy spring gardening tips and ideas to help you get started. Let’s begin!

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Early Spring Gardening

Early spring means it is time to start preparing the garden for the warmer months. Use this time to start seeds in a Gardener Plant Starter or small containers you have around the house.

    1. Survey your garden space. Check for damage from the cold in your pathways and fences. Fix any damage and create new planting beds and paths to give a fresh design to your space.
  • Prune old plants and trees. Cut dead and damaged leaves and branches.
  • Prepare the flowerbeds. Start by removing the winter mulch and clearing away dead leaves, weeds, and debris. 
  • Add fresh compost to the soil. Rake it smooth before you begin planting.
  • Divide old perennials to encourage new growth.
  • Early spring is also a good time to plant cool-season vegetables, so they are ready for harvesting by summer.

Mid-Spring Gardening

Mid-spring is when you start to see your garden slowly coming back to life. Maybe a few plants are beginning to bloom!

  1. Plant bulbs and seeds of the flowers you wish to have in your garden.
  2. Fill empty spots with annuals and seasonal plants. You can also add new trees and shrubs, so they have time to grow firm roots before summer.
  3. Feed your plants. Add fresh mulch to your garden.
  4. Bring in the garden furniture and add gardening ornaments like Watercolor Herb Markers and Teak Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces. You can also add your garden lighting at this time.
  5. Make your garden more welcoming to birds, butterflies, and bees by adding feeders and water sources.

Late Spring Gardening

Now that you are nearing the summer months, it is time to manage and maintain your garden.

  1. Grow warm-season plants and vegetables without the threat of nighttime frost.
  2. Refresh your garden by deadheading spent blooms with some Garden Scissors. Keep your hedges and plant borders neat. 
  3. Keep weeds and pests under control. Hand-weed your garden or use mild, organic chemicals if necessary.

Now wait and watch your garden come to life! Remember, the seeds you planted may not come up immediately and you may wonder whether they will come up at all. Spring gardening is all about patience, and the rewards are abundant with color, fragrant florals, and edible delights depending on what you choose to plant.

Have fun this spring and we can’t wait to see you soon!