New and Noteworthy! 10 Fun ideas for a Super Sunny Season

Summer: when time seems to move just a bit slower, the air shimmers with possibility, and the fun filled days seem endless. While traditional summer activities are always amazing, why not sprinkle some Noteworthy novelty into your sunny days?


  1. Warm days can be filled with insects, but don’t let that “bug” you! Play a game of “shine and seek” with our Chasing Fireflies game. Hide the 10 glowing bugs and whoever catches the most wins! Mason jars included of course.  :) 

Or, for the creepy crawly curious, pick up one of our bug catching jars with a built in 5x magnification bug viewer. Seeing bugs up close can be the stuff of nightmares. We dare you to look a bit more closely!


  1. “We are made of star-stuff.” – Carl Saigan 

‘Tis the season for long, warm nights and perfect star-gazing skies. If you’re a celestial junkie, you may want to consider adopting your very own star. Just grab a Name a Star kit, register online, and receive your personalized star deed certificate! 


  1. Who doesn’t like spreading joy?  Pick up our Little Book of Love Letters to the world – a booklet filled with 150 messages meant to be easily torn out, to “brighten and enlighten” the world.  Leave a bit of sunshine post-meal for your wait-staff, on a stranger’s bicycle bell, or folded up in hubby’s work shirt, for him to discover a little “pocket” of joy during his day.


  1. What in the world is Tasseography?  For the mystic tea-drinkers out there, it’s an unusual way of reading your own fortune through the arrangement of your left-over tea leaves after finishing herbaceous hot sips! We offer a kit that helps decode these cryptic messages at the bottom of your cup. Who knew tea-time could be so fun? 


For those who don’t care for tea, but still need some pressing life questions answered, why not pull a quick card from our fortune-telling card deck?  It’s kind of like a magic 8 ball, but in deck form, with 100 immediate answers! As the cards say, “Be prepared. Only ask a question when you’re ready to unearth your fate.”


  1. Summers are made for gatherings of close friends and family.  We have everything you could ever need to set-up a gorgeous charcuterie board to dazzle your guests!  Start with one of our gorgeous handcrafted acacia boards, and load up with endless cheeses, gherkins, olives, raincoat crisps and water crackers.  (Has your mouth started watering yet?)  To add a little squeaky spunk, pick up a couple friendly cheese-sign holding mice! If you’re ever stumped on what to place on your board or want to try a more offbeat curation, we have a recipe book filled with Beautiful Board ideas! Make it a fun family challenge by flipping open to a random page, taking a quick trip to the grocery, and giving yourself just an hour to whip up that exact board!


  1. There might be ONE downside to summer, and that is the buzz of a mosquito in your ear!  For a quick fix, we offer a selection of gorgeous insect-shield scarves,  infused with odorless mosquito-repelling technology that lasts through 70 washes! Interrupted outdoor porch-reading be-gone! Buzz-off mosquitos! (AND ticks, ants, flies, and no-see-ums).


  1. Thinking of hosting a BBQ, but you’re a newbie griller?  Well, JUST IN CASE you’re not the best of chefs, and the flames get a bit out of hand, we have a selection of Safe-T fire-extinguishers that are so unique, they act as functional conversation starters! 


  1. We all love a good dual-purpose item. But how can a cozy lit candle also help to soften and soothe your hands? Let us explain. Our Elizabeth Paige Luxury Lotion candles burn cooler than the typical candle, allowing you to dip into the melted “wax” to moisturize your hands as you enjoy the candle. Comes in scents such as Blackberry Delight, Midnight Rain and Ocean Mist. 


  1. Summer can be one of the best seasons for socializing, but who doesn’t feel a bit weary after the end of a long laugh-filled weekend? This calls for a recharge!  Treat yourself with one of our Musee shower steamers made with heavenly essential oils. Simply place the steamer onto your shower floor, and it releases an aromatic scent for a full-blown spa-like experience.  


Or, grab a piece of Sweet + Single Candy Scrub, a moisturizing scented hand and feet scrub “candy” replete with biodegradable wrapper – just lather the sugar-shaped cube with water between your palms to release the scrub and buff your mind back to calm.  Hands will be silky soft! 


  1. Finally, for those who enjoy sipping a cocktail in the waning summer hours, try impressing guests (and yourself) by actually creating your own alcohol blend with the 1pt Infusion Kit. Just place the all-natural curated blend into the stainless steel infusion basket, pour your favorite liquor in, and wait. Blends include Firecracker Margarita,  Solstice sangria, Sun Coast Cooler or No-Muddle Mojito mix.  Then, invite a few friends over to try the delicious concoction! Bonus: Buy 4 infusion packs, get one free!


Summer is the perfect time to let loose, be silly, and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. So, ditch the same old plans and embrace a few fun new and noteworthy ideas!