Kristina’s Picks For Mother’s Day & Beyond


Meet Kristina, our Creative Director at Noteworthy by Design. Learn a little about her and her favorites at Noteworthy!

Kristina, how long have you been working at Noteworthy? What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Noteworthy family?

I’ve been with Noteworthy since the very beginning. Before we even opened our doors, I was behind the scenes making sure our space and our product lines exceeded all expectations. Coincidentally, that is ALSO my favorite thing about Noteworthy. It’s a place for dreamers! We have an amazing team, and we do our best to give their creativity free reign, curating and creating truly Noteworthy products and gifts!

Any funny or interesting work stories to share?

We’re in the process of searching for the perfect new place for the next Noteworthy shop which has been keeping me very busy. I can’t wait to share more behind-the-scenes stories, including a lot of the fun, and sometimes frustrating, steps along the way! Stay tuned!


What is your favorite item in the boutique right now?

Oh jeez. I love so many items! I’m currently in love with our newest line of handmade broaches and the new scent collection from Spongelle.


Let’s get personal!

Anything you want to share about life outside of work?

What life?! Luckily, I love my job so working a bit of overtime isn’t too painful. ;) That being said, I have a beautiful family (hubby and 2 kiddos) that keep me pretty busy, and I love painting and reading in my downtime. I’ve recently discovered book-tok and my holds at the public library have skyrocketed! 

What do you do for self-care in your life?

If I’m in need of a quiet moment, I tend to lock myself in the bathroom for a nice bubble bath and a book. If I’m open to company, I’m not above binge-watching the latest guilty pleasure for some mind-numbing relaxation.

Working at Noteworthy makes it extremely easy to find presents for your loved ones. What product is your go-to gift?

I always love a good game or puzzle (it’s just in my blood). The insect shield scarves or kitchen tea towels have long been easy go-tos and you can never go wrong with a candle or yummy treat.


What product would you love to get or give for Mother’s Day?

Get: ANY of the art prints we offer or our new Mystic Rose perfume. I spray myself with the tester most mornings. I should probably just treat myself to my own bottle!

Give: Um, all of them! We spend so much time scouring the markets to find amazing gifts. Everything in the store has been hand-picked as the perfect gift for SOMEONE on your list…. mine too!


Are you creative outside of work? In what ways?

Being an artist/creative bleeds into every aspect of my life. I paint, I draw, I love interior design and I’m always drowning in half-finished projects. 


If you could add any type of product or service to be sold at Noteworthy, what would it be?

We’re always dreaming up custom products that we’d love to create and offer to the public! We hope to someday bring an entire custom line of products to the shop and beyond!