Gifter’s Guide to Giving

Gift giving is a skill; with practice, anyone can become a master. At the very least, gift giving shouldn’t feel like a chore! Here is a list of curated tips to help you this holiday season:


5 Ways to Find Meaningful Gifts

  • 1. Take Notes

Remember last week when your friend mentioned this new skincare trend she saw online? Or when your significant other showed you that picture of this adorable sweater they found? Even when your mom was telling you about how she always runs out of hand lotion in the winter time? Write that down! Bust out your notes app and keep a list of all the little gift ideas people mention in passing or share with you online! When they open up that present, they’ll know how great of a listener you are.

  • 2. Support Their Passions

Okay, now that you’re taking notes and paying attention to their interests, you should definitely remember when they talked about wanting to pick up that new hobby. The first step in the journey is always the hardest- give them a little push and show them your support by gifting them a starter kit! If they’re less crafty and more travel-ly, gift them a travel guide or that piece of camping equipment they’ve been eyeing! Whatever you do, show them that you’re just as passionate about their interests as they are.

  • 3. Gift an Experience

We all know someone who either has everything or always buys what they want as soon as they see it—treat yourself, as they say—but what about that concert they’ve been dreaming of? Or that new restaurant they wanted to try? Even something as simple as a gift card or gift voucher can lead to amazing new memories; a hot air balloon ride, a pottery class, a wine-tasting tour, even a conversational card game! The best part about experience gifts is when you get to do them together.

  • 4. Shared Memories

Now that you’ve taken them to that pottery class, you hopefully had a bit of fun splattering yourselves with clay and making some questionable flower vases that may or may not hold water. Whether this sparks a newfound passion or remains on the shelf to be admired, you’ve made a lasting memory that will be cherished for years to come. How about you print out that clay covered selfie so they can hang it up right next to your little monstrosities?

  • 5. The Acquaintance

Uh oh, there’s a Secret Santa gift exchange at the holiday work party and you have to find a gift for the new secretary! You’ve barely had a chance to introduce yourself, much less talk about her interests or hobbies. You could give her a gift card to Starbucks or a cheap candle, and she would probably love it—there’s no harm in playing it safe! Or, you might take things a step further, put a little care and thoughtfulness into it (like we practiced) and buy her a cute plant for her desk that can go without a few waters, a fun paperweight to keep her work tidy, or maybe a pampering shower steamer to help her wind down after a busy day. No matter what, she’ll be grateful that you thought of her!

Use your skills of observation and jot down ideas as they arise—don’t let that mini computer in your pocket go to waste! Gift your loved ones items that show you listen to them, support their passions, and cherish the memories you make with them.

If all else fails, forget about wants and needs—as long as they’ll use it or simply enjoy it, even if it’s a silly trinket that reminds you of that inside joke you have, it’ll be a perfect gift from one loving friend to another.