Gift Giving for the Tough Nut on Your List


It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving. —Mother Theresa

Most people enjoy hunting for and giving gifts. We delight in finding that perfect something for everyone on our list, but there are always loved ones that leave us hemming, hawing, and endlessly searching to find just the right thing. The “difficult” ones.

You know the types: 

  • The Mom who loves everything, but doesn’t really want anything
  • That bougie best friend with champagne and caviar taste
  • The grandma who collects a bit of everything with no room to squeeze anything more on her shelves
  • The Dad who “just wants a card.”
  • and the list goes on!

A simple gift-giving turns into the shopping struggle of the century. Well, look no further… When it comes to those hard-to-please folks, we’ve got you.

When you’re faced with finding a gift for someone who is difficult to buy for, a few questions can make things just a bit easier. And who knows? This might be the year you hit the gift-giving jackpot and leave them asking “How did you know?”

Questions to ask yourself to get those gift ideas flowing:

-What are their favorite foods, snacks or drinks?

-Does the person have a hobby or something they’ve talked about trying?

-Do they enjoy music, reading, puzzles, board games, etc.?

-Do they have pets?

Remember that Mom who has everything and doesn’t want anything? Consider giving her the gift of your company with an Italian twist! Invite a few of her closest friends for a meal made by you! You could kick off your meal with a beautiful pesto set and gourmet crostini. Continue with our organic Antico Pastificio Umbro Spaghetti and yummy Italianavera Marinara. For dessert create tasty little tarts using our Meyer lemon spread and Crostata Pastry Tarts. The perfect gift that she will remember for years to come!

Don’t forget Dad- he only wanted a card; but we all know he secretly loves board games. You can have your pick from our growing selection of games. Our current fave: Escape from the Grand Hotel for a classic escape room style game, perfect for a family evening in. Plus, you can still buy that card! We’ve got plenty of great options to choose from!

Still shopping for your sassy best friend with that expensive taste? She has been talking for months about how she wishes she could have a garden, but she lives in an apartment downtown with no space. Why not purchase a stylish pot like our Stoneware Face Planter and a gorgeous plant at a local greenhouse to start her indoor or balcony garden. Sometimes it isn’t the money you spend, but the fact that you truly listen to the people you are closest to.

Finally, Grandma, who has collected stuff since she had a place to call her own. What more could you possibly contribute? The easy answer…something to simplify her life! One-Bowl Baker Book full of easy, unfussy recipes for decadent Cakes, Brownies, Cookies, and Breads by Stephanie Simmons. To truly make it the best gift ever, purchase the ingredients for one of the amazing recipes and have a baking day with Grandma!

Bottom line… digging a bit deeper, remembering to listen closely, and adding an element of quality time makes every gift a bit more special and should make your treasure hunting easier.

Happy shopping this Spring! Don’t hesitate to ask one of us for a little help if you need a few gift-giving ideas for the toughest of nuts on your list!