5 Ways to Freshen your home with Spring Decor


Cheery hues, fresh florals, lighter than air fabrics–spring decor revives your home and your spirit after the winter season. Once March rolls in, it’s time to put away your winter decor and make way for colors and textures as light and pretty as daffodils and tulips.

As we welcome the vibrant season of spring, here are six exciting decor trends that designers are eagerly anticipating in 2024:

  1. More Color: Say goodbye to winter whites! This spring, homes will come alive with bold and vibrant hues. People are no longer content with neutral interiors; they crave color and self-expression. Consider experimenting with bright paint, adding patterned wallpaper, or incorporating fun furnishings and accessories to infuse your space with color. Even small changes, like spray-painting furniture or using chalk paint, can make a big impact. Start by layering in smaller items to embrace patterns and color gradually. To add that pop of color try a Velvet Coral Throw, a Lemon Wreath, or a fun printed Geometry Kitchen Towel!
  2. Antique and Aged Planters: When displaying your spring florals, opt for antique planters or vases. These timeless vessels work beautifully both indoors and on your patio. Whether you choose terracotta pots or prefer a gray stone-like finish, grouping multiple planters together can create a stunning statement. Interested in this look; try our Gorgeous tulips in our Footed Planter or Wood Jugs with Handles.
  3. Glossy, Reflective Finishes: This season, glossy and reflective finishes will take center stage. Consider incorporating a reflective coffee table to bring more light into your space during the longer spring days. Lacquered trays are also an excellent choice for adding this trend on a smaller scale. Our Rainbow Floating Frame will get you started with a cute spring pic on your mantle. 
  4. Playful Hardware: Spruce up your cabinets and drawers by swapping out dull pulls with playful and colorful hardware. Whether it is a different design style or a unique colored finish, refreshing your space with updated hardware can make a significant difference. 
  5. Curved and Rounded Furniture Styles: Embrace the organic flow of spring with curved and rounded furniture. From sofas to coffee tables, these softer shapes add a touch of elegance and comfort to your living spaces. To add some organic magic to your home,; look no further than our Woven Round Table and a Metal Chair, or opt to add our Wicker Frames as rounded, textured accents.

Remember, decorating your home is an opportunity to express your personality and create a space that brings joy. Whether you choose to go bold with color or opt for fresh textures, let your creativity flourish this spring!