5 Spooky Season Décor Ideas


Witching season is here! For many of us, Halloween is an opportunity to wave our wands and transform our normally elegant interiors with a bit of frightful fun or goulish charm. If you’re looking for a few fresh ghosties and goblins to add to your decorating arsenal, Noteworthy has something for every spooky style!

There is no right or wrong way to decorate for Halloween – embrace décor that makes you cackle like a witch or cower in fear! To get your home into tip-top haunting form, explore a few of our favorite easy décor ideas!

  • Consider Faux Pumpkins

One of the most timeless décor ideas: Pumpkins! This fall favorite is guaranteed to make your home feel more festive. Rather than using real pumpkins and gourds, style your space with a unique collection of faux and save money next year by repurposing the same amazing pumpkins! 

Side Bonus: No rotting mess on the porch in a few short weeks. 

Take a peek at our Glass Pumpkins that can hold a floral surprise or scrap of fabric for a splash of color to match any decor, our Beige Textured Pumpkins for a more neutral look, and the BEST Character Pumpkins for a whimsical addition to any table or shelf! Hide them in a dark corner for a surprisingly spooky welcome!

  • Embrace a Simple Halloween Garland

Garlands come in all shapes, sizes, and designs and are the perfect way to add a hint of seasonal style to a mantle, stair rail, or doorway. 

We love our Ceramic Ghost Garland, Clay Chain, and Fang Garland for a spooky look. If you are interested in a more subtle display, check out our Falling Leaves Eco Garland to wind through your pumpkins for an added dash of fall color. 

  • Decorate with Cozy Candles and Spooky Lighting

You probably decorate with candles year round, but we suggest swapping out your sweet smelling versions with candles that are a bit more sinister.

Our Flameless Candles in black and orange add a flickering glow without the danger of an open flame. No worries with these as you head out for an evening of trick-or-treating! 

The Wick Portable Lamp gives off a spooky haunted mansion vibe that can fit into any person’s everyday décor after the Halloween holiday has passed. 

Halloween Lighted trees can add a fun eerie look to any room’s corner. These trees are also great to decorate with Glass Eyeball Ornaments or Spooky Kook Halloween Ornaments.


  • Use Elegant Halloween Décor

From chic hanging decorations that can adorn your houseplants to larger decorations that add spine-tingling style to a dining table or sideboard, there are plenty of elegant options to choose from. 

Add a whimsical sparkle with Black & White Witches Hat or a pretty Sitting Witch to your tabletop or mantle.

 Use the Ghost Candle Holder or Spooky Kooks Halloween Wand in a vase of flowers to add a little fanciful fun to your next Halloween dinner party. 


  • Use Fall or Halloween Signage

Fall and Halloween signage can easily transition any home from summer to spooky. Add a Double sided sign that screams fall y’all! One of our favorites says “Welcome Foolish Mortals” on one side, and “Let’s Fall in Love” on the other. These signs are perfect and can be used all season long.


There are so many creative, contemporary decorating ideas that you can embrace this Fall and Halloween. Style your space with things that bring you joy and make your home feel special for the season. We can’t wait to see you at Noteworthy!